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A Day In Geneva

  • Old Window
    A few shots (there are too many to put them all up!) from a day I spent in Geneva a little while back. It was a truly beautiful experience.

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November 15, 2005



You may need to become a writer on the side...your words are beautiful. You've truly captured these small moments and so eloquently described them for us :-) Thanks for the updates- miss you much- Can't wait to see you after Christmas! I'm ready for the cold- Atlanta is still 75 degrees!


Abigail!! I miss you, babe. How's everyting goin out there? I'm gonna be in Europe this summer, we definitely have to hang. What is your email address? I need to email you.

Neah Lee

Holy...I've missed you so much. I can't wait to see you again! I'm so glad that you've had such a great experience there. I know they will miss you greatly. But your peeps here at PTS will be glad to have you back. WE love you so much. Be safe and know that you're in my thoughts.


visco - let's get blogging okay? we want to see more pictures...read more deep thoughts from you...let's go!

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