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A Day In Geneva

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    A few shots (there are too many to put them all up!) from a day I spent in Geneva a little while back. It was a truly beautiful experience.

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December 13, 2005


favorite sister

Hi my beloved! I stop by & check your site now & again. It is good to be 'in the know'. I miss you greatly. I love you & wish you a blessed Christmas! La

Matthew Paul Turner

Great site! And thanks for your thoughts and experiences in Scotland.

Blessings. Matthew

Jackie Wright

Abby, I think it's amazing how much you've accomplished. You were truly born for this task. I remember it like it was yesterday when I felt like I held the world on my shoulders and you hugged me and helped me realize I wasn't alone( that moment of panic before our choir concert in high school-I'm sure there were more!) I'll never forget that. Thanks for all that you do! Good luck to you, have a Glorious Christmas and holiday season, and I hope I will get to see you when you return to the states! Love, Jac


Abby- just letting you know I checked out your blog. I hope your Christmas was merrry and happy New Year.

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