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A Day In Geneva

  • Old Window
    A few shots (there are too many to put them all up!) from a day I spent in Geneva a little while back. It was a truly beautiful experience.

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February 10, 2006



you are such a nerd.
that is why I love you. (that- plus a whole lotta other stuff too)

David Zirschky (younger brother of one, Andrew Zirschky)

Kudos on your Knork love. The flash video that can be seen at knork.net was generated by a company that I worked for this past fall; Angelvision Technologies. While at Angelvision, I stumbled upon a small collection of Knorks that had been used for the still photos inserted into the flash video. So, what else is one to do when cleaning out the stock room of a company you work for but secretly hate? Who can do the right thing when beholding a flatware treasure of such vast value? Not me. I stole myself some knorks. I considered it a perk. Anyway, they're great. Perchance I'll mail one to Andrew so you can give it a test drive. Its an amazing piece of cutlery. Really.


I want to know how you are! What's new in the world of the beautiful Abby Visco?!

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