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A Day In Geneva

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    A few shots (there are too many to put them all up!) from a day I spent in Geneva a little while back. It was a truly beautiful experience.

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March 22, 2006


Missi is awesome

You are going to have an amazing trip. I can't wait to hear about it. I miss you tons!! And I love you even more.


Thanks for the update.


Abby, dearest, I miss you so so much! Wednesday rolls around and things just don't quite feel the same. I absolutely cannot wait to hear all about your trip, and I'm praying everything works out swimmingly. I love you so much! I also love these lists; your writing is so compelling!

I'm compiling a list of coffee shops to hit on our Coffee-Themed Road Trip. And I cannot wait. Is it a sign that I, too, have a purple car? I think so.

Love times 213846982735649998236487253,


Living the life dude. Living the life.


Abby dear,
i miss you so much. i hope you have fun on your trip. You have to tell me all about it when you get back... my blogspot is www.school32.blogspot.com leave me commnets some time. So i saw your picture on the FGPC web page and it made me cry... i love you so much. I hope to talk to you soon. ooo i have to tell you something and ask you something of my life asap.. im really upset about it. please comment me soon. Love you tons. Krissy

ps sami says hi too!


Abby i miss you so much...


hey abby
i miss u soooo much! cant wait until u come visit


hey aunt abby!! whats up?! WE ARE GOING TO ITALY TOMMOROW AND THEN IN A WEEK, GUESS WHAT?! SWITZERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)




hey i hope you had fun on your trip i can wait to hear how it was... love you 10 billon times 775438975262... wow thats intense!!!

kristina.. im writing your letter now as i speak....

ps im getting my tonsils out tomorrow.. pray for me ill let you know how it is!!!


thansk a lot for the comment perfect timing too.. i was feeling like crap that last couple of day and you aways know what to say and you know how to make me smile just like in the old day!!! haha not saying your old haha

i hope to talk to you soon!!!! i love you so much



You mentioned a mime to the "coloring song." Do you know where I might get a copy of the mime script? Or perhaps a video of the presentation?


You mentioned a mime to the "coloring song." Do you know where I might get a copy of the mime script? Or perhaps a video of the presentation?

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