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A Day In Geneva

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    A few shots (there are too many to put them all up!) from a day I spent in Geneva a little while back. It was a truly beautiful experience.

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December 14, 2007




Kristi (Estonia)


We met in Malta... You were like sunshine with constant smile. The warmth and peace in You, i remember.

All things happen for a reason, so i hope after small sadnesses the up's will come and happyness will stay! Wish You all the best!


Dan Morehead

I love the post every year or two method. And that I'm still not an interesting person.

Tom (Yardley)

You are a Rock Star!! Remember me when you're famous okay? I miss you! I'm going back to the DR in August on my own and a group from S. Jersey...to Pedernales near the Haitian border. It should be a rip.

Would love to see you sometime. I hope all is well with you and know it is.

Yee Ha!!

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